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Link Round-Up


From day to day, we track what's happening in the world of art and technology and the crucial intersection between the two.  The New York office has created a Weekly Link Round-Up to share the news we're most excited about. Read on and enjoy...

A WSJ review of SFMOMA's app, and some of the responses to that review:

Google introduces their new Arts & Culture website and app:

Watch The Getty's James Cuno on "Visions of Digital Culture: The Future of Museums":

An ode to audiobooks read by their authors (but an outcry in the comments from those who appreciate professional narrators!):

LeVar Burton narrates The Broad's audio tour for kids:

The music industry (and the art world) is experimenting with VR:

Artist Guthrie Lonergan has installed a work of digital art on the Hammer Museum's website: